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About JotOnce

JotOnce is a quick and easy way to exchange messages with others, using password-protected, sharable notes.

Have you ever had to leave someone a message that was too long to fit on their voicemail? Have you ever been working with a group of people and needed to give all of them a piece of information but didn't have time to collect everyone's email addresses? Or have you ever needed to send someone a secret message and were concerned about leaving an email trail?

If so, then JotOnce might be the answer you've been looking for. You can create one message and make it available to as many or as few people as you want, and you can rest easy, knowing that your message is protected and encrypted.

How JotOnce Works?

Using JotOnce is a snap! From the homepage, click "Create New Jot", and start typing your message.

You can optionally choose to have a read receipt sent to you, acknowledging that your message has been read, add an extra authentication layer to make sure your message only goes to the intended recipient, even change how long your Jot takes to expire. Take note of the suggested passphrase (or create your own), click "Post Jot", and you're done! Now simply give your friend or colleague the passphrase to your Jot, and they can head over to and view your message instantly!

Why Jot?

JotOnce is an ideal service because it is both fast and secure. There is no sign-up or registration, so you can begin using it right away. Creating a jot takes almost no time at all; if you don't change any options and use the recommended passphrase, then the time it takes to create a Jot is literally as fast as you can type your message. Even tweaking every option only takes a couple of seconds.

All messages stored on the JotOnce server are encrypted, and can only be recovered with their specific passphrase. If just a passphrase is not enough security, you can require the recipient to additionally enter a four digit number, such as the last four digits of their phone number. You can also change how long before your Jot expires - as quickly as ten minutes. This way, the intended recipient can claim your message immediately, and then it is deleted before anyone else could even attempt to access it.

JotOnce is the safe, convenient solution to a variety of different problems. Since it takes nothing to get started, give it a try today!